Here goes nothing

Here we go……

When I tell people I am bi-polar, I get a variety of responses: “oh, I’m so sorry” is one I hear often, typically followed by a statement of ignorance: “yeah, my dad had that once”, or “my grandmother told me I have a chance of getting that because my uncle has it” or “I had that in college”. Let’s start with the biggest misconceptions related to bi-polar disorder: this is not an STD; It’s not cancer but it’s not the common cold. Can it kill me? Maybe indirectly. Do I sometimes wish it would kill me? Maybe indirectly. Bi-polar is something I am, not something I have. There is no cure. And I’ve been letting it define me for a number of years. I’m hoping to change that with this little blog. I’m hoping that with the use of some humor, some personal anecdotes and a lot of self-reflection, I can change the way I’ve been viewing my illness, my lifestyle, for far too many years. I’ve tried a little bit of therapy and counseling, a lot of ECT, and dozens of various kinds of meds. But this is the first time I’ve tried “outing” myself. This is the first time I’m going to try to battle this disease by sharing my story with you, instead of hiding behind my diagnosis, ashamed and afraid. I don’t know if there’s an audience out there for this kind of thing. Are there people out there who will read my little blog because it mirrors their lives and provides a little relief knowing they’re not alone? Or maybe they’ll read it because there’s nothing good on TV. Regardless the reason, thank you in advance for giving me the five minutes it will take to read through my little blurbs, knowing if nothing else, you are helping me just by following along.


2 thoughts on “Here goes nothing

  1. I have had a similar notion with starting a blog I like to call diary myself. I like it. Take matters ion your own hands and don’t be afraid of asking for help, that’s what I think.
    All the best!

  2. “Bi-polar is something I am, not something I have.” So true. Its a trait that also comes with many other good traits. I’ve known many very smart and creative bipolar individuals.

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