What NOT to say…..

I am currently going a few times a month to ECT. I had graduated to the “maintenance plan” but that privilege was taken from me last month when I had my first manic episode in nearly a year and attempted to swallow a bottle of Ativan so I could catch a few winks of extra sleep. I spent the night in the hospital, but look for that story to be told at a later time.
Anyway, I had to report immediately following the “incident” to ECT. I got lots of sympathizing looks from my staff of regular nurses, but they all knew better than to say anything. However, that etiquette apparently doesn’t apply to “Opie”, the very, very young intern who pushes the patients in a wheelchair to their rides following treatment. I know he didn’t also mean to push my buttons when he looked at me with big doe-eyes and proclaimed in front of the entire waiting room,

“I hear you had a bit of a setback…”.



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