I read a book recently that I quite enjoyed. Maybe “enjoyed” is not the right term, because it’s about a woman truly struggling with her bipolar disorder, so perhaps “appreciated” is more appropriate.

“Manic”, by Terri Cheney, is written in interesting format: not chronological, each chapter is a different manic episode. Some of her mania leads her into some pretty unbelievable situations. Those non-bipolar readers will likely have a hard time believing that this book falls under the “autobiographical” category. But I read it thinking, “Yikes. I could totally see myself doing half of those things”.

I don’t want to give anything else away, so please read the book yourselves. But I would like to share with you one quote made by the author that has really stuck with me:

“The Disease thrives on shame, and shame thrives on silence….”

That’s really the whole point of my blog – to not be silent any more.

Thanks for following.


2 thoughts on ““Manic”

  1. I think “appreciated” is the right word for me as well in regards to Cheny’s book. On the other hand, I absolutely fell in love with Kay Redfield Jamison’s book “An Unquiet Mind”. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

    • Hi, indytony – I had completely forgotten about “An Unquiet Mind” until you mentioned it. Thank you so much for reminding about such a great book. Well deserving of a re-read, which I now intend to do this weekend. Thanks also for reading my blog and for your comments. I’m very new to this and am grateful that people seem to like it. Enjoy your week! I hope you will continue to check in.

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