Whoa, Trigger!

Following is a list of what most commonly can trigger a manic episode for me. I think you may find they are similar to the triggers of other bipolar sufferers:

Loud and/or repetitive noises

Gaining weight


Being late

Being made to wait


My mother (sorry, Mom)

My birthday


Anniversaries of family deaths

Not being in control of a situation
(you may have noticed that most of my triggers are situations I can’t control – bad combo….)

Sometimes the best way to avoid my triggers is to simply stay in bed. Forever.


2 thoughts on “Whoa, Trigger!

  1. …same triggers as panic disorder (which I have). I just started reading your blog after reading a comment you left on Momastery. Lots of similarities between bipoloar d/o and panic d/o.

    • Hi, Tracie –
      I agree on the similarities between bipolar and panic disorder. Both discomforting and serious conditions, and I have sympathy for your situation.

      Thanks very much for your reply. I hope you’re doing well.

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