DBT, anyone?

I’m being “required” by both my ECT doc and my psychiatrist to try something called “DBT” (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). They even wrote it out on a prescription pad and handed the “Rx” to me with a warning that if I didn’t try the 10-week program, they would no longer be willing to treat me. I don’t think that’s actually true – I think they were trying to force my hand because they believe this will really work for me.

It had its desired effect.

My teenage daughter saw the “prescription” and because it was written in typical illegible doctor handwriting (no offense, Ted Danson….), she thought it said, “DiaBOLICAL Behavior Therapy”. I suppose that wouldn’t be much of a reach, considering a lot of my past behavior.

So, I’m now 3 weeks into the program. And I’m curious: have any of you done this? Your thoughts? Has it worked? I’d love some opinions and maybe some personal insight into DBT.

And if it was diabolical, well, I guess I’d be interested in hearing that, too.

Thanks in advance.


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