I’m in Trouble…..

I was browsing this morning through selections at my local bookstore and I came across a new book by author Annalee Newitz. As I stared at the title, all I could think was,

“I’m in trouble. Serious trouble”.

The book is about “How humans will survive a mass extinction”. But there is a word in the title that will prohibit me from surviving any such thing, because the title alludes that I will have to rely on my memory to do so. For those of you who have also gone through ECT, you’ll know why:

The name of the book is,
“Scatter, Adapt and REMEMBER”.

I’m so screwed.


2 thoughts on “I’m in Trouble…..

  1. That’s what I’m counting on! My kids are starting to abuse my memory loss, making a game out of it. “Hey, Mom – remember when you said I could go out with so-and-so”? I look at a lot of pictures, hoping to prompt memories of events I can’t recall, but then I can’t remember if I’m having a memory or I’ve just formed a story based on the sequence of pictures. Soooo frustrating! I’m so glad to know that you’ve had success remembering to remember!

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