I’m in Trouble…..

I was browsing this morning through selections at my local bookstore and I came across a new book by author Annalee Newitz. As I stared at the title, all I could think was,

“I’m in trouble. Serious trouble”.

The book is about “How humans will survive a mass extinction”. But there is a word in the title that will prohibit me from surviving any such thing, because the title alludes that I will have to rely on my memory to do so. For those of you who have also gone through ECT, you’ll know why:

The name of the book is,
“Scatter, Adapt and REMEMBER”.

I’m so screwed.


Remember this?

I think I’ve mentioned that ECT screws with my memory. In fact, in my case it has totally destroyed it. Of course, I strongly believe that the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience associated with loss of short-term memory, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Last year, during a visit to my General Practitioner, I had to provide an update of all medications I was currently taking, as the list had changed drastically since starting ECT and seeing her last. She was entering my changes into her laptop and asked,

“Are you still taking Aricept”?

I replied that I had no idea what Aricept was, but I knew for certain I wasn’t taking it. I didn’t remember ever having taken it.

She was nearly hysterical with laughter, and because I automatically assumed she was laughing at me, I was immediately offended. “What the hell?”, I asked her.

“You can’t remember that you were taking Aricept”.

“So what? I don’t remember a lot these days…..”, I snarled.

“Your ECT doctor gave you Aricept to help with your memory. It’s commonly prescribed for Alzheimer’s patients”.

Oh. OK. That’s pretty funny.