One Day at a Time

“One day at a time”.  I hear it, well, daily.  From my friends, my mom, my doctors, my therapist.  “One day at a time”.  That’s how I’m supposed to progress:  slowly and carefully, not projecting forward into the future, not pretending to be a mind reader or see what lies down the road for me with my non-existent crystal ball.  “One day at a time” is supposed to keep me grounded, keep me in the “here and now”.

Except that I HATE the “here and now”.  I’m trying to get away from the misery that encompasses the “here and now”, and “one day at a time” isn’t moving me along fast enough.  I don’t want the baby steps method – I want to leap full-force into an amazing future, without having to do any of the work required to get me there.

Patience was never a virtue for me.